What is This Idea?

Ideas are at the centre of most of the things that we humans do, say and think. But not everyone is great at having them.

I am lucky enough to be paid to have ideas for a living, but I’ve  not spoken much about that, until now. It was a service that I did for people via word of mouth. A few select clients asked me to cook up ideas and they would then come back to me for more ideas, for some words to go with them, or they would simply go off and execute them or use them for inspiration. Often, they have been people who also have great ideas of their own, or have staff who do. But sometimes you need a new injection of inspiration.


Ideas consultancy

This site serves as something of a portfolio for what I do and what I have done. It will focus on ideas both large and small – from the grand political philosophies of our age to trivial items of domestic design. The blog will look at how we have ideas, great ideas that are out there and ideas that we need right now. The other pages will focus on my own work and ideas.

The site will undoubtedly be UK-biased, but it will have a global outlook: taking in business, PR, advertising, politics and even sport. I hope you get the idea. That is, after all, the important thing.



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