Stupid is as stupid does

That both Tory and Labour parliamentary candidates have had to step down due to shocking opinions should come as no surprise. Both candidates had expressed highly-offensive views, which could have easily been checked up on. But no-one did. This happens more and more.

No one thought that was their job to check. No one wanted to spend any time or money checking. Cue maximum embarrassment all round. A short hostile candidate interview (of the type I offer – insert sales copy here) could have spotted any tell-tale signs. A quick search could have confirmed any suspicions.

Those who spend a little cash on competent researchers can always dig up some useful dirt on their rival candidate, or enough on their own to dump them or get hitting the delete key, fast. Accompany this with tough interviews and dissection of opinions and ideas and you should have most bases covered (until those unguarded microphone left on moments). It should be a simple precaution.

Naturally, the always-offensive Brexit Party had to go one better and have a candidate quit because she came from Sirius and was convinced that the government was conspiring with aliens. Obviously, some offensive racist or sexist remarks are par for the course there and unlikely to result in a sacking.

Do get in touch if you need help with candidate research, hostile interview or even campaign ideas. Better to ask than be stupid!

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