Six months more of lockdown – as WFH extends to March 2021

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Work from home in the UK has now been extended to March 2021, following a statement in the Commons and an evening address to the nation from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This came as quite a surprise to all those who had been told to get back to the office or risk losing their jobs.

Of course, Work From Home does not work for all jobs or posts, as you can’t be a WFH nurse, factory worker or building contractor (unless you are doing up your own bathroom). But those who do have now been left to ponder the logistics and the practicalities of the home office, be it a spare room, kitchen table or bed.

Work from home native

As someone who has effectively worked from home for the last 20+ years, I have been helping some employers re-imagine how their teams can work from home effectively, safely and enjoyably. Many bosses were surprised at the lack of fall-off in productivity during the initial UK lockdown. But these numbers did start to wane in month three or four. This is where ideas, new thinking and experience came in.

So, what was the problem? Well, familiarity and lockdown fatigue were two factors. But the increased freedoms and summer weather also had an impact. Those who managed most successfully were able to replicate aspects of office life that are not often thought about, but which tie teams together.

In short, those who tried to manage their business or teams across the web as they had across the floor of an office block failed hard. It was only through re-thinking and re-imagining the working day or working systems that teams managed to re-unite and workplaces managed to become efficient.

Turning around a business with WFH problems

Working from home consultations begin with an examination of how the company works now, and how it worked before Covid-19. How important was team working? Is everyone a team player? And does EVERYONE need to be on that Zoom call? Results have been great so far. So do get in touch to discuss how new ideas and innovation can improve the way you and your teams are working.


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