Identity crises

I first set up THIS IDEA to differentiate my copywriting and ideas work from other written or visual work that I do. There was also the fact that my other website was the online equivalent of the cobbler’s boots. Full of holes, as I had been too busy working for others.

I have finally updated my comprehensive website and it details my work as an author, journalist, social historian, artist and copywriter. From Margate writer Iain Aitch to London social historian Iain Aitch, with everything in between.

As I say on the website, I am still very much a writer. It permeates all that I am and all that I do. But go and have a look at and I am sure you will find articles or arts projects that you will enjoy.

Obviously, some of my copywriting work crosses over with my journalism work, so you will find articles on education, technology, the arts, campaign groups, construction and architecture alongside more esoteric topics.

Let me know how you like it.