This Idea is the home of the idea generation, storytelling and copywriting work of Iain Aitch. But enough of the third person. It’s me writing this, obviously.

I have worked as an ideas consultant and copywriter for businesses, PR companies, media, political campaigners and revolutionaries for many years.

I usually operate below the radar, using my skills to gain attention for clients and their campaigns, rather than myself. I have a highly original and imaginative mindset, meaning that my ideas have been the focus of documentaries by Channel 4 and BBC Radio 4 alike.

I was the first to organise a flashmob in the UK (apologies), long before they became a PR staple, and I also invented one of the most covered interest days of the last 20 years: World Phone in Sick Day.

My ideas for clients have been featured in just about all the UK press, as well as plenty of titles around the world. I mostly deal in pure ideas nowadays, but I do also carry out copywriting and brand storytelling work.

Away from my ideas consultancy and copywriting work, I am a Director of Rendezvous Projects and also a Cultural Consultant to the Dreamland Trust. I’m also writing my third book and working on an exhibition.

Iain Aitch headshot black and white

“Iain’s creative mind is the sort one wants to handle problems. He scurries away and quietly broils up a series of marketing and public relations ideas that lesser people would only conceive with breathtaking amounts of off-label medication. I endorse Iain’s abilities, and his good sense to put them in the service of legal commerce rather than villainy.”

Jason Martin, CEO, Iotum